How to: Pallet Planter Box

Dining Room 3Today’s post is for all you DIY’ers out there, especially that use power tools, or have husband’s that do!

As I mentioned in my last post, we’re having 27 people this year for Thanksgiving, so it’s gonna be a biggen’.  I have been thinking a lot about the table we’ll all eat at.  Our house isn’t big enough to house that many people in the dining room.  The good news is, we always eat outside for Thanksgiving.  The weather is beautiful in November in Texas, in fact, it might be the best month of the whole year.  So location was easy.  We have a large outdoor table and two card tables, and Chris’ brothers decided their project when they all get together is a big picnic table to seat the rest.  So the “table” was taken care of.  Dining Room 2
I ordered two more of these beauties after finding one of them on the clearance aisle at Target.  Sadly they were not clearance online, but for less that $20, I thought they were still a steal and would make the Dining RoomFrankentable, look a little bit more uniform. 
While the tablecloths pulled the table together, I wanted a statement piece for the middle of the table.  I also wanted it to be something I could use until Thanksgiving on my little 6 person farmhouse table, and then move it to a  the mess that will be a 27 person table.
I had seen these large planter-like boxes filled with gourds and things on Pinterest and on the farmhouse sites I sometimes buy decor on, but they were crazy expensive, so I asked my darling husband if he thought he could make me one.  Of course the answer was yes, and I’m not even sure if I actually showed him a picture.  He just grabbed our oldest son and the embarked on taking a pallet that had been sitting in our garage for awhile now apart.

 After many failed attempts at taking apart pallets, Chris came up with a very easy way to remove the board.  He just cuts them with a saw where they’re attached to the cross board.  It does shorten the boards, but you can’t really use the end bits any way.  They end up splintering off and you make a mess.  This is so much easier.  

For the plan(null)_1ter, he cut 5 boards off.  Four of them will be the sides and the bottom boards.  The fifth, was cut for the short sides and the braces on the bottom.
Next, was assembly.  Chris and Nolan assembled the bottom, sides and feet with a hammer and small drywall nails.  Pretty straight forward.
The box is about 4′ by 6″ and is about 6″ tall.  It fits perfectly on my little table and it is definitely a statement piece.  I stuffed it full of gourds, p
inecones, a few candles, and other bits and pieces I have had for awhile now.  I didn’t want it finished, although I’m pretty sure the husband thought I was crazy.  I really like the rustic “dirty look of it.  It’s a nice contrast with all of the things I stuffed in it.  I’m really pleased with it and am excited to see it on the Thanksgiving table too!

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