Not so leftover

My leftovers that turned into something ridicously tasty!
My leftovers that turned into something ridicously tasty!

When we had the roast chicken the other night, I realized that I may have been a little over zealous with the veggie chopping and had about 2 cups of extra roasted vegetables and potatoes. I hate leftovers but I hate wasting.  I stood there staring at the leftovers and wondered what the heck I was going to do with 2 cups of smooshy leftovers.  Feeding them the the children would go over like a lead balloon.  

And then I had a small epiphany.  The hubsband (no that’s not a typo, that’s what I lovingly refer to him as) bought me a beautiful Aqua Kitchenaid submersion blender.  I broke that sucker out, dumped the offending leftovers in a sauce pot and “whizzed” the crap out of them.  I added about a ¼ cup cream, ¼ chicken broth, and salt and pepper and it turned into a fantastic cream roasted vegetable soup that was my lunch for two days.  

I love leftovers that aren’t leftovers!  

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